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Cummins Endurant Transmission Now Available on International LT, LoneStar Models .

Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies announced its new Endurant 12-speed automated transmission now is available on International LT Series and LoneStar trucks. It is paired with the Cummins X15 engine, launched in August 2016. ??Endurant delivers the lowest total cost of ownership for our 15-liter customers, with outstanding shift quality for driver satisfaction,?? Jim Nachtman, International heavy duty product marketing …

Cummins and Peterbilt to Team Up on SuperTruck II

Cummins and Peterbilt teamed together for SuperTruck I, first demonstrating more than 50 percent BTE and analytically defining technologies needed to achieve 55 percent BTE. Their demonstration tractor-trailer averaged a 76 percent increase in drive cycle FTE and a 43 percent reduction in GHG emissions versus a 2009 baseline truck — all significant improvements. As evidence of the favorable market …

Use and Maintaince of Turbocharger

Oil machine is mainly used method of exhaust gas turbocharger to increase its effective power. Turbocharger makes up for the naturally aspirated engine of some deficiencies, so that the work of the engine cylinder volume without changing the case of greatly increased output power, many projects are using this turbo machinery technology to improve engine power output and to improve …

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