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Cummins NTA855 Generator Set Gasket 218245

Cummins NTA855 Generator Set Gasket 218245

Cummins NTA855 Generator Set Gasket 218245

1.Place of Origin: Chongqing, China (Mainland)
2.Brand Name: cummins
3.Model Number: NTA855 engine
4.Shape: Flat Gasket
5.Standard or Nonstandard: Standard stock: yes
7.color: black
8.Model NO: 218245


generator set gasket 218245 for NTA855 cummins engine
1.Fast delivery
2.Pass ISO9001:2000 stock
4.Qualified well

Supply Cummins engine parts generator set gasket 218245
1.ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certific ation.
2.Satisfactory after sales service.
3.Long export history

generator set gasket 218245 is used in following engines:
NTC290 Cummins engine
NTA855C360 Cummins engine
NTA855M350 Cummins engine
NTA855G1G2 Cummins engine
NT855M300 Cummins engine
NT(A)855M Cummins engine
NT(A)855G Cummins engine
NT(A)855C Cummins engine

More model information of NTA855 engine:
NT855 NH
NT855 NT855
NT855 NT-855
NT855 NT855-C250
NT855 NT855-C250-BC3
NT855 NT855-C280
NT855 NT855-C280
NT855 NT855-C280(BC3)
NT855 NT855-C280(BC3)
NT855 NT855-C280H
NT855 NT855-C310
NT855 NT855-C335
NT855 NT855-G
NT855 NT855-G3
NT855 NT-855-G4(375)
NT855 NT855G5
NT855 NT-855-G5 (435)
NT855 NT855-G5(435)
NT855 NT-855-G5(435)
NT855 NT855-G6
NT855 NT-855-G6-GS/GC
NT855 NT855-GA
NT855 NT855-L290
NT855 NT855-L290
NT855 NT-855-M
NT855 NT855-M240
NT855 NT855-M270
NT855 NT855-M300
NT855 NT855-M360
NT855 NT855-P240
NT855 NT855-P250
NT855 NT855-P270
NT855 NT855-P300
NT855 NT855-P360
NT855 NT855-P400

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